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Andrzej Bator


The artist was born 1956 in Łódź. He graduated from the PWSSP (currently ASP) in Łódź, and obtained a diploma in workshop graphics and printing in 1976. This artist deals with painting, graphic design, drawing, poster and exhibition. He participates in many individual and group exhibitions.

He deals with art inspired by nature and music. He is interested in the line and what is happening around it. In the color broken into small elements-lines Andrzej Bator is looking for contrasts and harmony. In his own, subtle way he shows reality, presenting it in both a realistic and abstract way. He believes that both ways of painting express the world equally well. Color, form, drawing - these are the means he uses. They are also fun on the plane for him. According to him, the painter "plays" with color using the saturation of colors and their neighborhood.

Individual exhibitions:
2016 - "Cartoons, lines, layouts" - drawings exhibition, Municipal Art Gallery (Łódź)
2013, painting exhibition ZPAP (Łódź)
2008 - Drawing exhibition, Ars Nova Gallery (Łódź)
2003 - "Drawing" II International Drawing Competition - Wrocław, ASP Gallery
2001 - "Painting", Galeria Bałucka (Łódź) 1992 - "Painting", District Museum (Wałbrzych)
1997 - "Painting", Art Gallery in the 6th Division of PKO Bank Polski (Łódź)
1995 - "Painting", Salon of Art "Diorama" (Gdańsk)
1994 - "Rhythms and sounds", Art Gallery (Wrocław)
1993 - "Painting", SzOK Gallery (Szczecinek)

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