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Toucan - heron - flamingo, 2022

Acrylic, Canvas
100 cm x 80 cm

Paintings, Figurative, Animal

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"Toucan - heron - flamingo"
The painting was inspired by scenography and doll designs created by the author of this work (birds are also a favorite subject of graphics and paintings). 
If the birds depicted here were featured in some fairy tale, they would surely be three different personalities (just as they have different beak shapes and colorations).

As an aside, it must be added that the Black-headed Heron (the one in the middle, of course) does not have a black head at all - it actually has black and white plumage. A toucan often has an orange rather than a green beak. Of course, the author added a bit of "makeup" (but this is not an encyclopedia of birds).


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