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Andrzej Strumiłło


Andrzej Strumiłło was born in 1928, died in April 2020. In 1945 he began education at the Łódź PWSSP, graduated in 1950 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He was a student of W. Strzemiński, E. Eibisch and A. Marczyński. During his studies, he belonged to the Self-Learning Group of the Polish Youth Academic Association, headed by A. Wróblewski.

By an outstanding painter, graphic artist and photographer. Implementing the ideas of socialist realism, he developed his own style, raw and coarse. Travels in the Far East (China, Vietnam, Mongolia, India) have become an inspiration for painting, especially drawings and photographs; sketches from travels have also become the basis of numerous book illustrations. The artist was great at using metaphor and metaphor, his works have their own mood, sometimes they are full of terror; he is the author of numerous photographs, especially from Mazovia, he experimented with various photographic techniques. He participated in many national and international exhibitions (including Sao Paulo 1969, Venice 1972).

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Untitled 1, 2019
Oil, Canvas 60 cm x 50 cm
Price $2 230

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