This section includes past auctions held at Art in House Auction House and Art Gallery. Each of them provides sale results, you can get acquainted with. So far, we’ve organized over 30 Auctions of New Art, which gave you the opportunity to bid both decorative paintings suitable to your home space and office and complex artworks (abstract paintings, sculptures, graphics). Artworks of acknowledged post-war artist can be found in Auction of Modern Classics catalogues; on the contrary, items created by painters and sculptors after 1989 are included in the offer of Auctions of New Generation Classics.

We are also proud to say that we had the pleasure to co-organize two charity auctions (Grain of ART – Garden of HOPE) in National Museum in Warsaw. If you are interested in item, which had been sold during past auction, do not worry – artworks by artist cooperating with us can be found also in our gallery online.