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FAQ for Artists - answers to frequently asked questions


How can I submit my art work for auction?

To propose your work for auctions held at the Art in House Auction House, please send an email to AT LEAST 3 works (size of an e-mail may not exceed 10 Mb).

How is auction sale accounted for? What is the commission for the auction house?

All detailed information about auctioning can be found in the contract with the Artist, which the Artist receives after approving work for the art auction.



1. How to start cooperation?

To start cooperation with Art in House online gallery, you need to register on gallery's website: complete the registration form by attaching a short portfolio with several sample works, thanks to which we will be able to see the artist's work. Link to registration form in our online gallery:

(tu brakuje linku do wersji angielskiej zgłaszania pracy, bo jej nie ma)

After submitting the application, You need to wait up to 3 days for verification and approval by the gallery team. In case of acceptance of the application - we will send (to the Artist's e-mail address provided on the application) a cooperation agreement with instructions on its acceptance (please check whether the message has not been sent to the SPAM folder in your mailbox).

If Artist’s work is not accepted to our gallery, the Artist receives relevant information by e-mail.


2. Will portfolio given during registration appear immediately on the website in the gallery's offer?

NO. Images from the application form will not appear immediately in the online gallery offer. These works are only used to familiarize gallery employees with the artist's work. The website is configured in such a way that if these works are to appear in an online gallery for sale, they should be submitted as works (and not the artist's portfolio) after registration and acceptance of the contract using the form submit works (see point 3. below).


3. How can I add works to the Art in House website?

The gallery provides a form for submitting work proposals, which are then verified by our gallery team. All applications - before final placing on the site - are subject to Art in House approval, which takes up to 3 days. Sending/submitting a job via the form is possible only after accepting the contract (i.e. after registration - see point 1.).

To submit your work to be included in our online gallery offer, you must (after registering and accepting the contract) go to the link: (tu pójdzie adres ang. Wersji, której obecnie nie ma) and authenticate yourself by entering your email address (provided at registration) and PESEL numer (polish tax evidency number). You should also select "I'm not a robot" option. This mechanism allows you to submit your work.

After authentication, a window will appear in which you should fill in the details of the image / sculpture / photo / graphic submitted to the gallery.

The maximum size for each work photo is 4800px x 4800px (5Mb).


4. How soon, after submitting the works, will they be approved and appear in the gallery's offer?

After submission, the work is approved and added by us within 1-3 business days. If worki s not accepted, Artist receives an email notification about it.


5. I have problems logging in to my Artist account.

Art in House Gallery does not provide the option to log in to the artist's own account, i.e. there are no traditional artist accounts (we are working on such a solution for Artists). At the moment accounts with a login and password are only created for Customers. Currently, it is only possible - after prior registration - to submit (send) work proposals via the form after prior authentication by email address (provided during registration) and PESEL number.

Because the above mechanism is not a traditional account with login and password, the modification of the entered data such as title, photo, dimensions, etc. is done by direct email contact with the gallery.


6. Can I set my profile picture and biography in the gallery myself?

NO. To make changes in the biography and / or set up a profile picture, please send information to the email address


7. Can I withdraw my job from the sale offer in the Art in House online gallery?

NO. To withdraw a product from sale or change its price and other details, please send information by sms to +48 510 211 410 immediately after artwork is sold by the third party distribution channel.


8. What should I do if I sell an art outside of the website in the Art in House gallery?

In such a situation, please inform us immediately by e-mail to Art in House does not force Artists to exclusive sale of works, but also - in order to avoid confusion with clients - we do not want to allow inaccessible works to be sold on our website.


9. What happens if I do not report the unavailability of my work in Art in House and it is sold or booked by the customer on this website?

In such a situation - according to the concluded agreement - the Art in House online gallery will be entitled to a contractual penalty in the amount of the agreed price of a given work posted on our website, which was not reported as sold and was sold to another client by Art in House (such mechanism is introduced to avoid customers buying works that are not actually available from Artists.)


10. If my work sells in the Art in House online gallery, how soon will I get paid?

The agreed sale price of the artist's work to Art in House Store will be transferred to the artist to the bank account by the 14th day of the month following the month in which the sale was made, although we try to make transfers faster.

For further questions, please contact us at

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