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Erwin Wyjadłowski

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Erwin Wyjadłowski graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Jan Matejko in 2012 - diploma in the studio of prof. Leszek Misiak. He works mainly with painting and drawing. Author and participant of many individual and collective exhibitions, eg 2015 "Synchronization", ATTIS Art Gallery, Krakow; 2014 Exhibition of paintings by Erwin WYadłowski, Back Door Gallery, Katowice; Integrated Circuit - individual exhibition, Solvay Center for Contemporary Art, Kraków; 2012 "Before the Fall" - individual exhibition, Galeria Łącznik, Krakow. The presented work is part of a series of about twenty oil and acrylic paintings. The images are created on the basis of documentary photos and film frames. The leitmotif of this collection of works are mass synchronous exercises in stadiums, as well as marches and parades of all types of troops. Perfect sequences of hundreds of exercisers, even marching steps of armed columns advancing forward ... the same uniforms and uniforms ... make it abstract forms and mosaics, worms and components of a well-oiled machine rather than a human. Unification of the individual, giving shape by instilling ideology and values, mass movements as an expression of the power of madmen, an expression of love for them and fear of them.


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