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J. Aurelia Sikiewicz-Wojtaszek

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Aurelia Sikiewicz-Wojtaszek - sentiment and sensitivity to art led her to the design path of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of the Silesian University of Technology. She received a diploma in 2003, and a design license a few years later. She completed her studies in a group of 5 percent of the best university graduates.

She comes from an artistic family, from an early age she grew up in close contact with art, shaping her sensitivity and adoration for it. All the time, artistic creativity was present in her life, being her great passion, thanks to which the world was able to capture her with its unique colors.

The leading inspiration for the subjects of the works is man with the world of nature that surrounds him, unique, amazing and inspiring beauty.

The way of perceiving the depths of Mother Nature's soul, as a source of sensations, emotions and senses, allows you to use a variety of motifs, rich patterns, colors

The techniques he works most often with are acrylic, applied with a putty knife, oils, pencil sketches and dry pastels.

In his work, he pays attention to the differentiation of the light intensity and exposing its contrasts. Painting is a form of expression. In the artist's works we find the mood of the poetry of life, the mystery of feelings ... the depth of sensitivity.

The artist is constantly looking for new solutions in art.

She exhibited her paintings at charity auctions of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, where they found their buyers.

Her paintings are in private collections in Poland and abroad.


Exhibitions planned and held:

2020 - "Individual Exhibition - Abstraction and Realism", Galeria Miejski Dom Kultury Mikołów, (Poland)

2020 - "Woman's Essence Show 2020", Center for UNESCO Palazzo Torfanini - Bologna (Italy)

2020 - "Contemporary Painting", The Brick Lane Gallery, London (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

2020 - Art Rome, International Art Expo - Flyer Art Gallery-Roma (Italy)

2020 - "Individual Exhibition" - Painting Gallery of the Public Library, Mikołów (Poland)

2020 - "Individual Exhibition" - Art Chimera Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice (Poland)

2020 - "Individual Exhibition" - Gallery of Contemporary Art, Mannheim (Germany)

2020 - World Wide Art Show London - Flyer Art Gallery (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

2021 - World Wide Art Show New York City - Flyer Art Gallery (United States of America)

2021 - Individual Exhibition - Galeria Miejski Dom Kultury Mikołów, (Poland)

"Individual Exhibition", Art Chimera Gallery - Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice (Poland)

"Individual Exhibition", Art Gallery, Mannheim (Germany)

"Individual Exhibition", Painting Gallery of the Public Library, Mikołów (Poland)


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Artist Artworks on Auction - J. Aurelia Sikiewicz-Wojtaszek

Artworks Gallery - J. Aurelia Sikiewicz-Wojtaszek

Oil, Canvas, 120 cm x 80 cm
Price $1 080
Acrylic, Canvas, 100 cm x 150 cm
Price $1 150

Sales Archive - J. Aurelia Sikiewicz-Wojtaszek

Golden Act, 2021
Acrylic, Canvas, 100 cm x 70 cm
Desire, 2020
Acrylic, Canvas, 100 cm x 70 cm
Oil, Acrylic, Canvas, 70 cm x 100 cm
Queen, 2021
Acrylic, Canvas, 140 cm x 50 cm
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