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Krzysztof Ludwin

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Krzysztof Ludwin was born in 1962 in Krakow. He is a Polish painter, watercolorist, architect and academic lecturer. In 1981-1987 he studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology, and then, in 1987-1988 at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Industrial Forms.

The artist deals with easel painting, mainly watercolor. Painting on canvas, acrylic and oil paints, using a light resin - damar, obtains effects similar to watercolor painting. He developed his own style, which he calls "nervous expressionism." His paintings almost never lack architectural elements.

The prestigious French magazine Pratique des Arts ranked him among the 50 best contemporary watercolors. Krzysztof Ludwin Is the vice president of the Association of Polish Watercolors. He belongs to the Association of Polish Artists and the Association of Polish Architects. He lives and works in Krakow.

"I usually make a pencil or charcoal and chalk sketch to create a studio watercolor based on a black and white drawing. I often use such a painting to make an oil painting. I work quickly, nervously, under the influence of the rhythm of the music seeping from the space behind me. When painting, I sometimes turn off the light if it is evening to control the contrasts in the image. My lifestyle influences my painting. People I meet, everyday trouble, vulgarity, romanticism, melancholy, cynicism, fight for time to paint, for money for paintings, liters of green tea, from time to time alcohol (not as a compulsion but pleasure) self-discipline, tolerance for idiots, soft heart, love for women, their souls and bodies, conversations with fellow painters and architects, artists, exchange of experiences with them, etc."

Individual exhibitions: 1983 - Copenhagen, 1985 - Kraków, SARP headquarters, Florianska Street; 1985 - Copenhagen; 1986 - London: Polish Center for Art and Culture; 1986 - London: Gallery 202; 1989 - France: Lievin, Lens, Amiens - Albert Camus art and culture centers; 1990 - Krakow: "Strawberry Fields" Gallery; 2002 - Krakow: "Our Gallery" in Kazimierz; 2002 - Tarnowskie Góry: The Gardener's House, promotion of the album "Krakow in watercolors" with an exhibition of watercolors making up the album; 2003 - Krakow: Zosia Weiss Gallery, Nowina Konopka, promotion of the album "Krakow in Watercolors", together with an exhibition of watercolors that make up the album; 2006 - Zakopane, solo exhibition of large-format watercolors at Stara Polana Gallery, Zakopane 2006 - September - Subject Woman - Galeria 2 Swiaty Kraków, Józefa Street 2006 - December - Jaworzynka Open Air - Galeria Lamelli Sródmiejski Ośrodek Kultury, Kraków, Mikolajska 2 2006 - December - From the folder - Galeria Styl, Glogówek, Rynek 2. 2007 - December, Bielsko Biała, Galeria proArte, Rynek Główny 2009 - BWA Nowy Sącz, individual exhibition, cross-section 2010 - Sułkowski Museum in Bielsko Biała, individual exhibition of watercolors on architectural themes 2010 - Cultural Center Norwida, Kraków Nowa Huta 2011 - Off Art Gallery, Częstochowa 2011 - Bank of Rennes Gallery 2012 - Mielec, Local Government Culture Center.

Collective exhibitions:
2004 - Zakopane, collective exhibition of teaching staff of the Institute of Painting and Sculpture Drawing at the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology 2005 - Brussels, collective exhibition of Polish watercolors 2006 - Seoul, participation in the exhibition of the World Federation of Watercolors 2006 - May group outdoor exhibition at the ZŁOCIEŃ boarding house. 2006 - August - participation in the exhibition of the World Federation of Watercolors in Seoul 2007 - international open air in Łańcut, participation in exhibitions: Łańcut, Lviv. 2009 - Brioude, participation in the international watercolor festival 2011 - Charenton, Paris, participation as an honorary guest in the collective exhibition of the Association of French Watercolors 2012 - BWA Olkusz, BWA Nowy Targ - participation in the collective exhibition of the Association of Polish Watercolors


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Acrylic, Canvas, 40 cm x 40 cm
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