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Krzysztof Polaczenko

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Born on 15th January, 1987 in Świdnica. He’s an technician of advertisement organization. He’s involved in painting, music and writing. He participated in many author meetings and solo exhibitions. The subject of his paintings draws directly from observations of the world around us, presenting reality in a surreal way. Repeatedly combines several different art techniques in a single painting. He puts great emphasis on fine-tuning the details and long life of a work. The first painting steps he put in classes with Mr. Robert Kukla, painter from Świdnica, designer, creator of graphics and street art, then he studied under care of Renata Rychlicka-Benyamin, an artist creating graphics, paintings and drawings. In 2010 he founded single music project horiso, in which he plays all instruments – guitar, trumpet, keyboard – and occasionally sings. Its music has been downloaded over 60 000 times already, and the individual albums gathered great reviews from foreign radios and blogs. In 2014 he published his first book, titled “Wanna” (“bathtub” in English) by GSMA publishing house. Experimental form and controversial subject of the book, caused many story discussions during author meetings. Readers appreciated Polaczenko’s writing skills and his observations.


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Artworks Gallery - Krzysztof Polaczenko

Wyścig, 2015
Oil, Board, 50 cm x 50 cm
Price $510
Duel, 2015
Oil, Board, 47 cm x 87 cm
Price $660
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