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Maciej Rauch

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Maciej Rauch b. May 11, 1988. in Jarosław, creator of magic realism, painter, graphic artist, creator of installations, animations, videoclips, and experimental music. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. He obtained his diploma in 2012.

At present he lives and works in Gdynia. He realizes simultaneously 3 series of paintings: "Alien Boy", "On the Other side", and "The Witch".

Selected individual and collective exhibitions and prizes: 2005 - 2nd prize at the 1st National Biennial of Pastel Secondary Schools 2008 - Participation in the exhibition "Defekt" at the Old Town Hall in Gdańsk, 2009 - premiere of the video clip to "Lost my way" during the concert of the Dick4Dick group in In Warsaw at Fabryka Trzciny 2010 - participation in the 5th international student Triennial in Istanbul, Turkey 2010 - participation in the exhibition of students of prof. Maciej Świeszewski in the Science and Technology Park in Gdańsk 2010 - premiere of the videoclip "Will You Be There" in Tetris Chillout in Gdańsk 2010 - presentation of the painting "Forever" during "Tribute to Michael Jackson" Tetris Chillout, Gdańsk 2011 - exhibition "Wonderland? / Wunderland? " at Galeria Flut in Bremen 2011 - exhibition "Joy of non-existence" at Galeria Pionova, in Gdańsk 2011 - exhibition MACIEJ RAUCH "Runo / undergrowth" at Galeria Pionova, in Gdańsk 2011 - 3rd Prize in the painting competition "WNETRZE" addressed to Graduates and students of art universities in Poland 2011 - Streetwaves Maciej Rauch - Videoclip show and installation at the Main Railway Station in Gdańsk 2011 - 'Sito is alive' exhibition - Gdańsk - Plama 2011 - Finalist of the 10th edition of Hestia's Artistic Journey, Sopot 2012 - Maciej Exhibition Rauch - '' Between the Worlds '' Gdańsk City Gallery 2012 - Participation in the exhibition '' Happy Birthday Tim Burton '' Poznań 2012 - Exhibition '' SEN: TEZA '', Warsaw 2012 - Maciej Rauch exhibition 'Between the Worlds part II' Sfinks700 Sopot 2013 - Maciej Rauch exhibition "Between the Worlds part III" ZPAP Gdańsk 2014 - Exhibition "Young capable", ZPAP in Tarnów 2014 - Exhibition "It's not my story / To nie moje fairy", Gdańsk City Gallery 2014 - Exhibition '' Lunar Circus '', Galeria Pionova w Gańsku, 2015 - Exhibition '' Lunar Circus- Finisage '', Galeria Pionova in Gdańsk 2015 - Exhibition '' Adventures on the moon '' Two Changes, Sopot 2016 - Triennial of Pomeranian Art, Finalist in the painting category of the State Art Gallery, Sopot 2016 - Maciej Rauch "Alien Boy", Two Changes, Sopot 2016 - "Hard Rock vs Romantic Boys", Galeria Very Biała, Warsaw 2016 - "I believe in ...", Galeria Very Biała, Warsaw, 2016 - "Zwierze", Gallery Very Biała, Warsaw, 2016 - Maciej Rauch "Alien Boy Show", Libation, Sopot, 2017 - Maciej Rauch Alien Boy Show, Cyganeria, 2017 - Scholarship of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship for a culture creator in 2017. 2017 - Exhibition of paintings from the series AlieNboy & AlieNboy show, Sfinks700, Sopot, 2017 - Exhibition of paintings from the series AlieNboy, Galeria Żak, Gdańsk Zaspa, November 2017 - Premiere of the deck of cards "Lunar Circus" & painting vernissage, KlatkaB, December / January 2017 / 2018 Gdańsk 2018 - The premiere of the deck of cards "Lunar Circus" & the opening of the paintings, Carnivale Bar, December / January 2017/2018 Gdynia 2018 - The premiere of the video clip to the song AlieNboy 2019 - The exhibition of oil paintings "The future is now!" Sopot, Two Changes 2020 Gallery - Maciej Rauch exhibition "The Future is Now!", WuWu / Nizio Gallery, Warsaw.


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