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Michał Jamioł

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Michał Jamioł

Born 1979 in Chmielnik. The artist lives and works in Kielce. Graduated from the Silesian University in Katowice. In the year 2021/2022 he took up studies at the Faculty of Art at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. Participant of the seminar "Collagierte expresive Acrylmalerei" of the German academy Kunstakademie Romerstein. At the same time he is finishing his law studies. Despite many interests and learned professions he would like to combine his professional life only with painting. For many years he has been collecting paintings by outstanding Polish artists. With time, his passion for art has evolved into a fruitful artistic activity.

Michał Jamioł practices abstract acrylic painting, in which he expresses his joy of life, emotions and creative passion. The artist's paintings are not flat, they have spatial structure, thanks to his own technique - authorial patents, which distinguish and characterize the artist.

Referring to contemporary masters of Spanish expressive painting and matter art, he creates tactile painting, often with a thick layer of paint, sand or, for example, cement. The paintings are bold, surprising, saturated with color depth. The artist's work is expression, dynamism, energy and positive emotions written on large format canvases. Michał Jamioł consistently proves that an abstract painting can be not only intriguing, filled with emotions, but also beautiful.


Individual exhibitions:

2021 - Vernissage and Exhibition at Art Pieniawa Gallery in Polanica-Zdrój "Moments Immortalized with Color"

2020 - Exhibition at Art Pieniawa Gallery in Polanica-Zdrój "Energy Revolution"

Collective Exhibitions:

2021 - Show of paintings in the Netherlands, as part of the XVIII International Frederic Chopin Piano

2020 - Participation in Accessible Art Fair 

Competition Distinctions and Awards

2021 - Personality of the Year 2020 Award in the category of Culture - at the district and provincial level.

2020 - Distinction by the Artistic Director of Artmajeur Gallery



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Artworks Gallery - Michał Jamioł

Charcoal, Mixed media, Acrylic, Other, Canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm
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Mixed media, Other, Acrylic, Spray, Canvas, 140 cm x 90 cm
Mixed media, Other, Acrylic, Canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm
Mixed media, Spray, Acrylic, Other, Canvas, 100 cm x 120 cm
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