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Śnieżana Vitecka

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Viteckaja Sneżana was born in 1982 in Grodno. She is a Belarusian painter. She lives and creates here too. The artist deals mainly with easel painting, she is also the author of book illustrations. Her painting is a mixture of realism and romanticism. She paints oils and watercolors rich in detail, which tempt with refinement. The combination of the subject of realistic representations with slightly surreal elements does not bore the viewer. At the same time, the calm composition and subdued colors soothe the senses of the viewer. The painter appeals to the ethical norms that mankind has developed during its development. In order that morals and spirituality are not forgotten, they do not become "ex". Snieżana perpetuates the importance of such concepts as "love", "good", "faithfulness", "friendship", "duty". In their pursuit of imaginary otherworldly happiness, her characters - with external diversity - are internally similar. Their environment is filled with the aromas of strange flowers, the chirping of unusual birds, the size of architectural backdrops, the barely audible echoes of the centuries on a standing watch. “Delayed action leaks from one work to another; freezing for a while, it becomes available to the recipient. Beauties' silhouettes are perceived beyond time. Focusing mostly on female characters, Snieżana Witecka creates portraits of attractive, in her unforgettable beauty, representatives of the really weak sex - defenseless, subtle, dreamy. The painter dresses them in old-fashioned clothes, emphasizing the mystery, sometimes with styling the clothes of noblewomen from Sarmatian portraits, and sometimes with ethnic costumes. She creates the mystical and changeable spiritual face of a woman who looks at the world with wide eyes, radiating the eternal beauty of the universe. The author calls on his contemporaries to find a sublime world in themselves, untouched by the gray commonness, which can burn brightly or barely glow, but always helps not to lose hope. " Art historian Zagidulina M.A. "Fancy paintings created by the painter Snieżna Witecka invite the viewer to the world of a mysterious allegory, woven from shimmering colors of the rainbow, jewelery streaks-beads. A young girl, who is the central image of the painter's work - a symbol of eternal youth and prosperity, the primal energy of existence, a symbol of a spiritual and sublime life, as pure as morning dew, appears before us in various guises. Through constant reflections on the harmony of spirit and matter, Snieżana Witecka conducts a cordial conversation with her recipient, opening the curtains to a different space, where the ephemeral and tangible intertwine in a common story about beauty, about the most precious thing that man has - faith, the pursuit of the source of spirituality , the beauty of nature and the creative energy of man. " Art historian Czajko M.P.


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Artist Artworks on Auction - Śnieżana Vitecka

Untitled, 2023
Oil, Canvas, 90 cm x 70 cm
II Sacrum Auction on SacroExpo 2024
1 000 zł

Sales Archive - Śnieżana Vitecka

Oil, 80 cm x 60 cm
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