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Urszula Teperek

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Urszula Teperek is a graduate of Artistic Education in the field of art (Institute of Artistic Education, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw). Diploma in artetherapy earned in prof Wróblewska's Studio. Author of programms concerning therapy through art. Laureate of Innovation Creator Programme, pursued in San Francisco, Stanford and Berkeley Universities. Lives and works in Warsaw. Her paintings are part of private collections in Poland and abroad.

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Artist Artworks on Auction - Urszula Teperek

Artworks Gallery - Urszula Teperek

Acrylic, Canvas, 70 cm x 50 cm
Price $1 340
Venus , 2016
Acrylic, Canvas, 90 cm x 70 cm
Price $2 060
Seed, 2016
Oil, Canvas, 60 cm x 40 cm
Price $2 330
Acrylic, Canvas, 90 cm x 70 cm
Price $950
GAIA - DAY, 2014
Oil, Canvas, 80 cm x 100 cm
Price $2 450

Sales Archive - Urszula Teperek

Acrylic, Canvas, 100 cm x 120 cm
Acrylic, Canvas, 90 cm x 70 cm
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