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At the same time as I was learning to speak, I also scribbled wherever I could - my mother used to tell me. Whether it was on tablecloths or on the walls. But I had this need to master it, to know how to do it, to draw a lot more, some ideas of my own which I was still anticipating. However, I have always been interested in man, man-body, what man invents, these different mechanisms, toys, how he invents his needs. This is probably the subject of my paintings.This painting is not really intuitive. But always the basis, the starting point is a drawing, a drawing that may or may not be further developed, that is, painted, painted over. I want to see this idea which I have drawn in space and colour. It is a wild, fast, expressionistic painting.

Painting gives me a strange difficulty, it is such a challenge. I often approach it like a hedgehog. I take to drawing at once, it does not cause me such problems. I am also very interested in texture painting, in using some other matter, but I do not do it. Maybe one day I will do something like that.

I am also very interested in sculpture. I even have a whole ton of clay in the cellar, but I always put it aside for later. I would also like to investigate what a figure would really look like in space, these figures, these faces that I paint and to study their anatomy in detail, to build them without looking at anyone's face, at any photo, but to try to get it out of myself, to find it in myself. I would like to explore my thinking about colours and try to think in the same way about sounds. To change colours into sounds, to see how the colours actually play, what sounds the colours have. ****** Interview in 2008 ******


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Ink, Crayons, Pastel, Pencil, Paper, 100 cm x 70 cm
Price $1 030
Priestess, 2000
Ink, Crayons, Pencil, Paper, 70 cm x 50 cm
Price $890
Crayons, Pencil, Ink, Paper, 70 cm x 50 cm
Price $890
Wrapped, 2017
Oil, Board, 85 cm x 58.5 cm
Price $1 840

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Cyboniebo, 2022
Oil, Canvas, 80 cm x 100 cm
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