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Lech Bator

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The artist was born in 1986. From an early age, he creates artistic works. He was educated at the Warsaw European Academy of Arts, where he had the opportunity to improve his abilities under the guidance of outstanding Polish artists such as Franciszek Starowieyski and Antoni Fałat. In 2010 he completed education in graphic design. Although at first he was passionate about graphic forms, soon it became the canvas and paints that became his means of expression. The artist's painting comes from graphics - Lech Bator creates painting collages made on canvas, juxtaposes realistic landscapes with unreal figures of half-humans - half-animals.

He likes to play with conventions, mislead the viewer, intrigue. He uses widely recognized symbols, he also likes comics and graffiti. He often repeats the deer motif in the rut. This symbol of the painting kitsch in this artist is placed in unreal space. The specific characters from his works seem familiar, and the subdued colors of the canvases evoke nostalgia and build a dreamy mood.

2019 - Museum Night at the 6th Theater, Warsaw
2018 - author's exhibition of graphics, WCK, Falenica branch, Warsaw
2014 - YES Gallery (Poznań)
2013 - "Just around the corner" - BrowArt (Wroclaw) "Hokus Pokus" - Strefa A Gallery in Krakow
2012 - exhibition at the van den Berg Gallery
2011 (Warsaw) - "What color is love?" in Skwer (Fabryka Trzciny Branch), Warsaw "Retrospection", Classix Nouveaux Gallery "Cabinet of Personalities" - Gallery MiTo
2010 (Warsaw) - "Interior of the city" - Arteria Gallery (Warsaw)


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Artworks Gallery - Lech Bator

Hunter, 2015
Acrylic, Canvas, 92 cm x 65 cm
Price $5 390
Untitled, 2022
Acrylic, Canvas, 100 cm x 130 cm
Price $5 650

Sales Archive - Lech Bator

Mixed media, Board, 100 cm x 70 cm
Read Me, 2010
Oil, Canvas, 150 cm x 100 cm
Mixed media, Oil, Board, 160 cm x 140 cm
Dog Live, 2010
Mixed media, Oil, Board, 98 cm x 79 cm
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