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Mariusz Zdybał

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Mariusz Zdybał was born in 1955 in Warsaw. He achieved education in a completely different field and unexpectedly discovered his own artistic path. After years of self-education, he achieved success by creating his own style.

His works may be associated with symbolism, but this is not a close relationship. His deep respect for the artistic creative process results from the need to overcome obstacles of material nature and patience, needed to achieve the desired technical and aesthetic effects. An unconventional workshop combined imagination and natural talent.

His works are dominated by women - all types - both perverse, idealized and femme fatale, mysterious and restless women. In addition to easel painting, Mariusz Zdybał deals with book illustration, poster, wall painting, interior and furniture design.

Mariusz Zdybał's paintings can be found in contemporary art galleries, online galleries and art auctions. PRIZES: - gold medal in the international painting competition "MCA" - Marseilles 1999 - GRAND PRIX in the international art competition in the painting category "CANNES-AZUR" Cannes 2000.


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Artist Artworks on Auction - Mariusz Zdybał

Artworks Gallery - Mariusz Zdybał

Behemoth, 2021
Oil, Canvas, 70 cm x 50 cm
Price $2 160
Oil, Canvas, 60 cm x 90 cm
Price $2 310
Oil, Canvas, 80 cm x 60 cm
Price $2 040
Tolibowska, 2011
Oil, Canvas, 60 cm x 120 cm
Price $2 810
Oil, Canvas, 50 cm x 70 cm
Price $1 460
Infinity, 2014
Oil, Canvas, 90 cm x 70 cm
Price $2 440
Oil, Canvas, 90 cm x 80 cm
Price $2 440
Oil, Canvas, 100 cm x 70 cm
Price $2 440
Oil, Board, 85 cm x 115 cm
Price $2 620
Oil, Board, 90 cm x 60 cm
Price $2 060
Oil, Board, 150 cm x 46 cm
Price $2 350
Gal&Leo, 2020
Oil, Canvas, 70 cm x 50 cm
Price $2 290
Oil, Canvas, 70 cm x 50 cm
Price $2 160
Maria A, 2019
Oil, Canvas, 70 cm x 50 cm
Price $2 190

Sales Archive - Mariusz Zdybał

Selene, 2018
Oil, Canvas, 100 cm x 70 cm
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