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Mikołaj Rejs

Mikolaj Rejs is a Polish artist born in 1984. He has been involved in street art movement since the late 1990s. Rejs’ art can usually be found in large, often abandoned, post-industrial areas. Apart from being street artist, Rejs also works in the medium of photography. He participates in both Polish and international projects, and is a curator of street art exhibitions. Rejs is involved in art education and the social function of street art. He has participated in a vast number of graffiti and street art events (including Brain Damage, Warsaw 2003, Street Art Festival, Katowice 2011, Meetings of Styles, Lublin 2011, 2012, 2013) He is also a co-founder of artistic and educational projects (‘Roads to Freedom’ MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow 2011, the Polish-Ukrainian-Moldovan project Artdrome, Lugansk 2012, Between the Wall, Legnica 2012, ‘Back to the primitive’ Małopolski Ogród Sztuki, Kraków 2016. In addition, Mikolaj Rejs creates small scale works and photographs. They have been widely exhibited internationally, including ‘Bonarka’ Center of Contemporary Art, Cracow 2004, ‘Graffiti vs Street Art’ - Zacheta, Lublin 2011, Mito gallery, Warsaw 2015, Young Polish Art, Limerick 2015, 20-Anniversary of Krakau Hause, Nürnberg 2016, Starting point. An exhibition of street art which does not exist –ZPAP, Cracow 2017, Arthouse - Cracow Gallery Weekend, - Cracow 2018. Individual exhibitions: ‘Urban Chapels’ Onamato gallery, Krakow 2013, ‘NOUMEN’ Art Agenda Nova gallery Cracow 2014, ‘Duchacy’ Mimika-Juliusz Słowacki Theatre, Cracow 2015, ‘Habitat’ Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin 2016.

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