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Adam Papke

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Adam Papke is a graduate of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts. Leon Wyczółkowski in Bydgoszcz. In 1987-1993 he studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Mikołaj Kopernik in Toruń, artistic and pedagogical course. In 1993, he obtained a diploma in the painting studio of professor Mieczysław Wisniewski. He deals with easel painting, advertising photography and graphic design. He specializes in the technique of watercolors - a difficult technique that requires a method of immediate decision making in the location of each color spot. In this unique technique, he searches for an expression of a form that would belong to him. He is the vice-president of the Polish Watercolor Association.

Participant of many group exhibitions of prestigious rank in the field of watercolor technique. He took part in numerous plein-airs and artistic travels in Poland and abroad. Adam Papke's art works are in museum collections and in private collections at home and abroad - Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, Spain, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Lithuania, Peru, Norway, Italy and Great Britain.

"Communing with nature, I feel the impressions that constitute the foundation for expressing the general vision of the painting. Outdoor painting is a kind of hunting, in which I try to merge the existing elements of the landscape into a new quality of the painting. In this unique technique I am looking for a form of expression that belongs to me.

Drawing from nature, I create a shortcut, a certain synthesis of sensations that distances me from a literal portrait of the reality I have encountered.

When painting, I follow my intuition, which means that the end result often eludes the initial vision, giving in return the impression of a flash of a moment of joy in creating.

Painting intuition - a touch of madness in the space of knowledge necessary to achieve the final effect. When creating a new composition, I operate with the tensions of color and light, while evaluating the elements of the composition. I often deliberately lose the detail of the image in favor of the quality of the color spot, causing the impression of greater expression, which leads the viewer to symbolic associations.


Difficult, capricious, mistakes are my favor

I'm running to catch up with her, or maybe just

Stay close to her. "

Adam Papke


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Acrylic, Canvas, 50 cm x 100 cm
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Watercolour, 50 cm x 40 cm
Watercolour, 50 cm x 40 cm
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Watercolour, 56 cm x 24 cm
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