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Aleksandra Błaszczyk

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Aleksandra Błaszczyk was born in 1989 in Łódź. He studies at the Faculty of Graphics and Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

She is a graphic artist, etchingist and surrealist by profession. She is a gymnast, dancer. The artist's work is deeply philosophical and at the same time deeply personal. Author is full of violent passion, both in love and in hatred, but her works are the result of a conscious and tedious artistic effort. Their apparent simplicity and naturalness are due to perfect mastery of the graphic workshop. Architecture is a pictorial motif in the works, which is transformed and constitutes a new space of being. It is an attempt to create a new visual urban story that allows you to see the city from the inner, spiritual side. By introducing architectural modifications in the correlation of the presented characters, she creates a new unreal world understood only by the artist. It is a kind of theater performance based on life experiences in a given time and space. Despite the fact that selected architectural fragments are very diverse among themselves, they form a coherent whole. The space in which the artist performs her search is a space for dialogue and mutual relations between man and city.

"While sketching, I process the factory architecture of the city in which I live, which gives the impression of an unreal being in which I entangle characters referring to my emotional processes. The graphics give the opportunity to show my sporting nature, which is gymnastics and dance. In etching, I can emphasize the specific dynamics of the lines and planes created. Inevitably, discipline and consistency can be felt in my work, just like in gymnastics there is no place for unintended action. The resulting works reflect the feelings associated with existence. It's a surreal world, a hybrid of place and time."

Her graphics have been awarded and presented in Poland and abroad, including in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan, South Africa, Brazil and China.


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