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Khrystyna Hladka

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Khrystyna Hladka - born in 1994 in Tarnopol (Ukraine), a graduate of Interior Design at the Lviv Academy of Fine Arts. Living and working in Warsaw, painting and interior designing.

“If I would like to define the style in which I find myself, I would say that I create something that could fit in with the current of modern aristocratic art. I believe that art should provide the recipient with full-fledged aesthetic and emotional impressions. As an interior designer, I am well aware of how much a picture is an important element in every room, so I try to use vivid colors and create stories on canvas that convey both the meaning and depth of thoughts. My attempt is to pick unusual or ignored topics and give them a miraculous touch of their hands. Always trying to take an initiative to grab the viewer’s full attention to present the real and unspoken face of nature. My presentation often carries a message which appeals to the viewer’s heart and says about the mystery of the world.

One very meaningful part of my art are birds. Love for birds has been with me since childhood, I have always admired this interesting, intriguing animal beings. My most frequent works are those using the motif of the aristocratic bird - the peacock. Colorful feathers and, above all, a beautiful tail contributed to the fact that the peacock is identified with royalty, immortality and glory. In my works, I also often refer to the color combination - gold and navy blue, as well as gold in combination with various shades of blue. Such a combination always introduces elegance and splendour.

Another element of my work are images of women. I am trying to create portraits of women full of beauty and mystery. I am a woman and I am trying to link to the sensitive yet strong image of the female figure. I believe that being a woman is not about hiding your delicate qualities that nature has given you. I want to emphasize the beauty, subtlety and sensitivity of our interior, combining all the extraordinary feminine strength of spirit. My main rule - to create in a good mood and with positive energy."


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Acrylic, Canvas, 110 cm x 110 cm
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Metal leafing, Oil, Canvas, 50 cm x 40 cm
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