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Marta Bilecka

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Marta Bilecka was born in 1975 in Łódź. The artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (Faculty of Graphics and Painting). She obtained a diploma in workshop graphics in the studio of prof. A. Bartczak, in which she realized the project of her own books. She obtained her diploma in painting in the studio of prof. Marek Tchaikovsky.

The artist's works are in private collections in Poland, Northern Europe, Austria and Canada.

Selected solo exhibitions:
2019 - Melody of the Sea, A-Ramar Gallery, Goteborg (Sweden);
2019 - Ballads of the Sea, Zatoka Sztuki in Sopot;
2018 - Blue Universe, Tenement house 56 in Łódź;
2017 - Water Odyssey, Nowa Gdynia Station (Łódź);
2016 - In Search of the Secret behind the Arctic Circle, Scandic Ferrum, Kiruna, (Sweden);
2016 - World Premiere - In Search of the Mystery of the Arctic Circle, Galeria ELart (Łódź);
2013 - Dream Spaces, Art Market Gallery in Łódź;

Selected group exhibitions:
2019 - Fabriken Bastekille, Kivik in Sweden;
2017 - Fourth Independent Salon of Young Artists of Lodz, Museum of the City of Lodz;
2016 - Third Independent Salon of Young Artists from Łódź in Galeria Bałucka and Galeria ASP (Łódź);
2015 - Second Independent Salon of Young Artists of Lodz, Textile Museum in Lodz;
2015 - Sensual Woman and Metaphysical Spaces, Oslo, Galeria S9, (Norway);
2014-2015 - Gallery Art Expo, Sovejen, Horning in Denmark;
2014 - Back to Nature, Oslo, S9 Galleri in Norway;
2014 - opening of paintings by the Majdas Family collection entitled "ELanie", Gallery of the City Hall Galeria 87 in Łódź;
2013 - Visions of the Modern Metropolis, Adi Art Gallery (Łódź);
2013 - Bologna Children's Book Fair 2013 - children's book fair - Wall of Illustrators - Polish Book Art For Children (Italy);
2013 - Sensual Women and Metaphysical Spaces, Skwer Gallery (branch of Fabryka Trzciny) in Warsaw;

2015 - Oxford encyclopedia 1. edition, Encyclopedia of Personalities of the Republic of Poland;
2012 - the encyclopedia Who is Who in Poland;
2011 - literary quarterly Wyspa 4 (20) - Warsaw;
2010 - publishing house and portal (Warsaw);
2005 - Wędrówka I, publishing house Związek Literatów Polskich (Radom);


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Artworks Gallery - Marta Bilecka

Acrylic, Canvas, 80 cm x 120 cm
Price $1 280
Toth's Ark, 2015
Oil, Canvas, 80 cm x 100 cm
Price $680
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