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Marzena Hettich-Uryszek

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Marzena Hettich-Uryszek.
Graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts. She obtained her diploma, supplemented by a sculpture annex, in the painting studio of Professor Krzysztof Skarbek.
He lives and works in Poland and Germany. In addition to her artistic activity, she taught art subjects for years.
Her work is parallel: painting and sculpture, mostly ceramic, also willingly combines both to create the so-called interdisciplinary art. It is close to her belief that form determines content. The artist appreciates classical painting and uses other creative techniques. He likes to pick up a collage. The collage is, on the one hand, an opportunity to use various by-products of civilizational development (cigar rings), and on the other hand, an opportunity to recontextualize them, which is an expression of the artist’s inter-cultural and inter-textual research. The cycle of work created using this technique can be described as cultural recycling.

,,Marzena Hettich-Uryszek presents the direction of development of her own personal research. Drawing and colour seem to dominate the forms of visual expression in her compositions. They create harmonious instruments together with great effects and rich, changing shapes. They provide an opportunity to present interesting phenomena, bringing out colorful visual impressions. By combining in a creative way the elements of chance that consciously constructing painting matter, the artist gives her picture a suggestive and unique power. They also seem to come from the analysis of atypical phenomena in an ever-changing popular culture that organizes its own mythologies. Prof. Krzysztof Skarbek,,

The focus is on the human being and his different emotional states. A reflection of these interests in the artistic output are - first of all - vivid and decisive colours. Secondly, the strong presence of the portrait. The latter seems to suggest references to the tradition of figurative painting, but the artist does not shy away from choosing in the direction of abstraction.
In sculpture, she specializes in intimate sculptural forms and bas-reliefs, most often created in ceramics. It also has bronze designs on its corner.
The material in which she creates imposes her artistic form. Her creative work is inspired by man and nature. Sculptures are a pretext for painting, which allows her to combine her work with the trend of so-called hybrid art.
Evoking the beauty and perfect proportions of classical sculptures, he simultaneously reinterprets and modernizes them. It highlights the imperfections of human nature through cracks and deliberate damage to the surface of the sculpture. As she says, I would like my characters to have a soul in addition to a beautiful body.
In his sculptures, striving for the ideal of classic beauty, although tarnished by a defect, you can find your own weaknesses or difficulties of everyday life.
These blemishes and stains are - to quote the author - really signs of fragility, it is a story of human transience and existence. These are our scars that cause suffering, but at the same time give us strength, nobility and beauty.
-Unveiling of the monument to the victims of bombing in Wieluń.
-Unveiling of the memorial plaque -,,Fallen 18-/1920 2009
-Unveiling of a commemorative plaque -for the Wieluń National Defence Battalions Gymnasium 2010
-Action "Graffiti na Giewont" - idea, coordination and execution together with students of secondary schools graffiti at the railway station in Wieluń. 2011
-Design and execution of the "Room of Memory 1939-1945" in the Second High School named after Janusz Korczak in Wieluń 2009 2009 2009 2010 2011 2009
- Design and execution of the "Room of Memory" at the First High School named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Wieluń 2012
-Making of a bronze cast model of Wielun, standing in the center of the city at Legionów Square. 2016
-Make a model of the city in Wieruszów 2018
Selected exhibitions of paintings and sculptures:
- "Artistic presentations" BWA Sieradz (2012 and 2016).
- "Triennale with Still Life" BWA Sieradz.
- "New Avant-garde" - Katowice (2017).
- "In the service of art and politics" Paris (2018).
2012 2016 2018
- permanent exhibition in Germany Haslach
-participation in the art fair ArtBox in Zurich 2021
-exhibition in BWA Sieradz 2021
-participation in the art fair Art Box in Venice 2022
-exhibition ,,Her Portrait,, Warsaw 2022


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Artworks Gallery - Marzena Hettich-Uryszek

Angel, 2023
Oil, Canvas, 100 cm x 70 cm
Price $960

Sales Archive - Marzena Hettich-Uryszek

Joker, 2021
Oil, Canvas, 70 cm x 100 cm
Vanitas, 2021
Oil, Canvas, 90 cm x 90 cm
White girl, 2020
Oil, Canvas, 90 cm x 90 cm
Oil, Canvas, 50 cm x 100 cm
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