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Michał Szuszkiewicz

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Michał Szuszkiewicz was born in 1983. In 2016, he graduated from the studio of Jarosław Modzelewksi at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Laureate of the Scholarship Program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage "Young Poland". Finalist of the Eugeniusz Geppert. Works in collections in Poland and abroad, incl. in the Dietrich Mateschitz collection. Works presented at Art Fairs such as Preview Berlin or Scope Miami Art Fair. In his work, he experiments with trends. In his realizations it is visible that the young painter is still looking for appropriate means of expression. Pictures on the verge of abstraction emerge from his studio, but at the same time one can see in them a constant fascination with realism with which the artist enters into a dialogue in a special way for himself. Michał conducts painting classes at the Atelier Foundation. Artist's website. EXHIBITIONS: Participant of numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Individual exhibitions: 2015 - "Neue Gebiete", Museum Junge Kunst, Frankfurt (Oder), DE 2014 - "View", Visiting Gallery, Warszawa / PL - "Night Vision", Atelier Gallery, Warsaw, PL 2013 - "The creation of World "Visiting Gallery, Warsaw, PL -" The Empire ", PSW Foundation Art Program Gallery, Warsaw, PL -" Black Paintings ", Spectra Art Space, Soon-2, Warsaw, PL 2012 -" The Legend ", Gallery Studio, Warsaw, PL 2011 - "Apocalypse by me", PSW Foundation Art Program Gallery, Warsaw, PL - "It happened by chance", Gallery Studio, Warsaw, PL 2009 - "Icebreakers", Visiting Gallery, Warsaw, PL Additionally exhibitions in Klaipeda Culture Comunication Center LT, Museum of the Ilija E. Riepin Academy of Fine Arts / Saint Petersburg Selected group exhibitions: 2015 - "The Eagle Has Landed: Apollo 11 - 45 Years Later", Galeria Działań, Warsaw, BWA Zielona Góra, PL 2014 - " Midnight Show ", BWA Design, Wroclaw, PL -" Self-love means artists love themselves ", National Gallery, Sopot, PL -" Huntenk unst ", Ulft, NL 2013 -" Fish eye ", Baltic Gallery for Contemporay Art, Slupsk / Ustka, PL -" Borowik Collection ", BWA Zamojska Gallery, Warsaw, PL -" Small is big ", Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw, PL - "The world laughs", Klima Bochenska Gallery, PL 2012 - "Preview Berlin" Art Fair 2012, Program Gallery / Berlin / DE - "Compass of Young Art 2012", Olympic Center, Warsaw, PL - "Why do not all of us love adventures The story about Janek Dziaczkowski ", Center of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, PL -" Sick art ", Jerozolima Space, Warszawa, PL 2011: -" Naughty children of Alfred Jarry "Real World Gallery / Londyn / UK / Galerie Story Hotel / Berlin / DE - "Painting Attraction", Witryna, Madrid, ES - "In dark woods" Hang-ART7 edition 17. Poland; Salzburg, AT - SCOPE Miami Art Fair 2011, represented by Program Gallery / Miama / USA - "Preview Berlin" Art Fair 2011, represented by Program Gallery / Berlin / DE 2010: - "Hommage Kantor", Foundation for Promoting Contemporary Art, Warsaw , PL - "Farewell with Fairytale", BWA Studio, Wrocław, PL - "Hundred Milliards for the Fall of Art", Matkatująca Gallery, Warsaw, PL - "The first Person singular", KCCC Exhibition Hall, Klajpeda, LT - "A public space.Cotexts ", Gallery of Contemporary Art Profile CK Zamek, Poznań, PL 2009: -" Fontainebleau ", Center of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, PL -" Łódź Design ", Gallery Młodzi, Łódź, PL - 9th Edition of Eugeniusz Geppert Competition, BWA, Wrocław, PL A Center Propaganda of Art, Municipal Gallery, Łódź, PL - "100% of Painting. A Current Picture", Królikarnia, Warsaw, PL Elektrownia / Power plant, Mazovian Center of Contemporary Art, Radom , PL A Museum of the Ilija E. Repin National Academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg, RUS 2008 - "A trophy ", BWA, Zielona Góra, PL -" Painting Attraction ", Gallery Witryna, Warsaw, PL 2007 -" One of Them Has to Know ", Ogrodowa, PL 2006 -" An Art Storage part.2 ", Visiting Gallery, Warsaw , PL 2005 - "Las Lanzas", Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, PL - "Merci pour les fruits", Gallery Kuluary, Warsaw, PL 2003 - "Provence", Klima Bochenska Gallery, Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw, PL


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Artworks Gallery - Michał Szuszkiewicz

Oil, Paper, 65 cm x 50 cm
Price $360
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