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Sylwia Caban

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Sylwia Caban was born in 1969. She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Faculty of Painting, in the studio of prof. Rajmund Ziemski and in the studio of wall techniques of prof. Edward Tarkowski. In 1996–1997 she completed an internship at the École Supérieure do Beaux Arts in Perpignan (France). In 2013-2016, she completed three-year doctoral studies at the Institute of Fine Arts at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.

Currently, he works as an assistant professor at the Higher School of Applied Computer Science and Management at the WIT under the auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences, at the Faculty of Graphics, where he runs drawing and painting studios.

Scholarships, creative stays, workshops:
1991-1992 - Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and Art
1996-1997 - French government scholarship
1997 - Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and Art
1998 - Creative stay at the Cité International des Arts Foundation, Paris (France)
1998 - Artistic workshops as part of the Polish-German exchange: Blicke-Ost, Düsseldorf (Germany)
1998 - Plein-air painting during the Polish-German exchange: Blicke-Ost, Dłużewo
2014 - Outdoor painting, Kudowa Zdrój
2016 - Creative scholarship of the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw
2013-2016 - Scholarship of the Rector of Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce for the best doctoral students.

Individual exhibitions:
2019 - The other side of nature. Painting and sculpture exhibition. Łaźnia Gallery. Radom
2018 - Inclusions. Doctoral painting exhibition, XS Gallery, Art Institute, UJK, Kielce
2016 - Inclusions. Onbjects are omitted. Exhibition of paintings and objects realized as part of the creative scholarship of the Capital City of Warsaw
2015 - Playground 2. Recycling facilities, XX1 Gallery, Warsaw
2015 - Painting, exhibition during the Night of Museums, Blok Gallery, Warsaw
2015 - The reciprocated unreality, painting, Trakt Gallery, Sochaczew-Chodaków
2014 - Playground. Recycling facility, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
2014 - Painting, Night of Museums, Blok Gallery, Warsaw
2014 - Duo, painting, Gallery of the European Parliament, Brussels (Belgium)
2014 - Man as a pretext, Galeria Centrum Polskiego im. Jana Paderewski, Brussels (Belgium)
2013 - Painting, Blok author's gallery, Warsaw
2010 - Painting, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
1998 - Painting, Gallery of the Cite Internationale des Arts Foundation, Paris (France)
1998 - Painting, Bernanos Gallery, Paris (France)
1998 - Painting, Promotion Gallery, Warsaw, /kat./
1997 - Painting, Ecole des Beaux Arts de Perpignan Gallery (France)
1996 - Painting, Brama Gallery, Warsaw
1994 - Diploma exhibition - Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Collective exhibitions:
2019 - "25x", Centrum Łowicka, Warsaw
2019 - "Art Fair", Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
2019 - "Helios", Galleria Vittoria, Rome
2018 - "Guest appearances" group exhibition, Galeria Otwarta Pracownia, Kraków
2017 - Painting, sculpture, XX1 Gallery, Warsaw
2015 - Painting personalities, Biegas Gallery, Ciechanów
2015 - Risk factor, Centrum Olimpijskie PKOl / The Olympic Center, Warsaw
2015 - Peregrinations of space, Regional Museum in Vinnitsa, Vinnitsa, Ukraine
2015 - Synergia, Transcarpathian Museum of Fine Arts J. Bokszaja, Uzhhorod, Ukraine
2015 - Color, Image, Symbol, Gallery of the Lviv National Academy of Art, Lviv, Ukraine
2015 - Painting personalities. News 2015, ZPAP Gallery, Warsaw
2015 - Night of Museums 2015, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
2015 - Special signs, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
2014/2015 - Art as a gift, Autograf Gallery, Warsaw
2014 - "12th International Autumn Salon of Art", post-competition exhibition, BWA Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
2014 - "Przedwiośnie 37", post-competition exhibition, BWA Kielce
2014 - Exhibition as part of the Night of Museums, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
2014 - Exhibition as part of the activities "Zimowisko", Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw
2014 - "15 m2", XS Gallery, Institute of Fine Arts, Kielce
2013 - Kontekstacje, Galeria Blok, Warsaw
2013 - Drawing and painting, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
2012 - Warsaw under construction, 2nd post-plein-air painting exhibition, Korekta gallery, Warsaw
2010 - Ornamentation, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw
2001 - Grand et Jeunes d'aujourd'hui, Espace Eiffel, Paris (France), / cat./
2001 - "Mironalia", Scenario from Themerson - design and production of scenography for the play by A. Czerniak
2000 - Comparaisons, Polish Institute, Paris (France)
2000 - Brightening the Earth, New Gallery, Poster Museum in Wilanów, Warsaw
1999 - Exposition d'art Contemporain, Levallois (France)
1999 - Comparaisons - Galeria Studio, Warsaw, /kat./
1999 - Drawing exhibition, Mandragora Gallery, Warsaw
1999 - Blicke Ost II edition, international post-plein-air exhibition, WOK, Warsaw
1998 - Painting, WOK Gallery, Warsaw
1998 - Blicke Ost - Polish-German painting exhibition, HWI Haus, Düsseldorf (Germany)
1998 - Regards Divers, Atelier Visconti Gallery, Paris
1998 - Lufcik Gallery, ZPAP Warszawa /kat./
1998 - Views of Warsaw, Galeria ZPAP Sukiennice, Kraków /kat./
1998 - XXXIII Polish National Painting Exhibition "Bielska Jesień - selection of works, Contemporary Art Salon, BWA Bydgoszcz, Baltic Art Gallery in Ustka


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