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Vladimir Begansky

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Vladimir Begansky pseudonym and under it the artist creates his works. Realistic painting is a continuation of a family tradition that has existed for generations. He has been involved in visual arts since the age of 9. On his account, he has a huge number of paintings painted in oil and acrylic technique. He specializes mainly in realism and surrealism. He paints landscapes, still lifes, urban landscapes . The artist Włodzimierz Biegańsky, despite his extensive experience in painting, still finds time to improve in the art world, as well as to search for new solutions to techniques . The artist's works are in private collections around the world, including: Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Belarus, Russia, Greece, Poland, Spain, Portugal.


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Artworks Gallery - Vladimir Begansky

Acrylic, Oil, Tempera, Board, 47 cm x 34 cm
Price $240
Sea, 2019
Acrylic, Oil, Canvas, 100 cm x 80 cm
Price $900
Mixed media, Oil, Acrylic, Tempera, Canvas, 40 cm x 60 cm
Price $900

Sales Archive - Vladimir Begansky

Ink, Pencil, Mixed media, Tempera, Oil, Acrylic, Canvas, 120 cm x 120 cm
Tango , 2024
Oil, Acrylic, Canvas, 80 cm x 60 cm
N22, 2020
Mixed media, Acrylic, Oil, Board, 44 cm x 32.5 cm
Ink, Oil, Tempera, Acrylic, Canvas, 80 cm x 60 cm
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