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Wioletta Winiarczyk

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Wioletta Winiarczyk is an artist who is living and creating in London.
She was born in 1977 in Lublin Poland, where she graduated at University (UMCS) in Lublin studying Law & Administration.
In 2004 moved to London and then she realized that her lifetime passion for painting is awaiting some serious attention. So she gave it some… and then it all began.
She has started from the basic’s in order to get some formal experience and knowledge. Initially taking on the course of drawing and painting at WMC Camden College in London which she successfully completed by gaining a first place in a students work competition.

Later on she had a privilege of practicing her drawing and  painting skills under the watchful eye of fine artist Aris Raisis in his Chelsae based workshop.
Consequently  in 2008 she has spent 3 years polishing off her artist techniques led by painter Sara Lee Roberts in her studio at Primrose Hill. It was a very fruitful time getting a “brush on” experience as well as reaching deep into history of art.
In a mean time she was also busy  studying traditional (Byzantium) technique and time consuming  methods of painting/writing icons under ever so demanding eye of master Dr Stephane Rene in his art studio.

The English landscape, the beauty and the mistery of the nature, combined with its harshness were main inspiration in a process of forming endless paintings series with a sheeps as a key theme.

The unique mood of her works is created through the monochrome palette that consists of few constatly repeating colours and hues, applied in flat forms which stand out from the background and reveal the evident influence of iconography.
Mysticism and concealment toghether with calm and harmony, silence and restraint are the main features of Wioletta’s paintings.
These characteristics make her work original and are her trade mark. Abstraction alternates with simplicity of forms in Wioletta’s works, thus creating a world in balance between painterly elements and emotions.
It is a conscious translation of feelings to the autonomous language of art.



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Artworks Gallery - Wioletta Winiarczyk

Bike, 2014
Mixed media, Canvas, 61 cm x 91 cm
Price $690
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