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Bohdan Wincenty Łoboda biogram

Atelier, 2020

Acrylic, Board
100 cm x 70 cm

Paintings, Figurative, Expressionism, Nude, Portrait, Person


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The painting shows a young woman painting a model standing in front of her. It is likely that bright shimmering sunbeams fall through the studio window, creating a mosaic of bright, colorful spots on the girl's body.
The work has a rich texture. There are strong "brush strokes" and free, thin, as if scattered lines. Intensive and multi-layer application of paint works better on a hard surface (according to the author of the work); that is why a rigid panel was used as a support (3 mm HDF board on a 2 cm painting loom). Acrylic paints. The work does not require a frame, the side edges are painted.

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