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Feliks Michał Wygrzywalski

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Feliks Michał Wygrzywalski was born in 1875 and died in 1944. In the years 1893-98 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under the supervision of J.C. Herterich and K. Marr, and then continued his studies at the Académie Julian in Paris. In 1900 he settled in Rome, from where he made numerous artistic journeys, incl. to Egypt. In 1908 he returned to Lviv, where he settled permanently and worked as a stage inspector at the local theater.

He was a realist painter; in the earlier period of his work, he leaned towards naturalism and strong expression. He attached great importance to lighting effects, he used a rich, vivid range of colors. In his early paintings, he often depicted human work (Burlacy) or dramatic events and social tensions (Strike, Bread for us hungry). He also painted portraits, nudes, seaside landscapes, landscapes from Italy and Ukraine. After his trip to Egypt, oriental motifs and themes were repeated in his paintings (The Prayer of the Arabs, Carpet Sellers). He was involved in decorative wall painting, incl. in 1908 he designed and later made allegorical paintings for the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lviv. He dealt with graphics, illustrated books and magazines, designed stained glass windows, costumes and theatrical decorations (including for Peer Gynt, Irydion, November Night).


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