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Łukasz Breitenbach

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Łukasz Breitenbach (born in 1988 in Bydgoszcz), artist, painter, photographer. He studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (UMK) in the studio of prof. Mieczysław Ziomek. He obtained his diploma in 2013. Participant of many international exhibitions and plein-airs. He was honored with the studio's award by his Professor Mieczysław Ziomek in 2011-2012 during the fourth year of studies. In 2020, he was awarded the first place in the painting competition entitled "Tree of Life" organized by Professor Edward Saliński of the Technology and Nature University in Bydgoszcz.

Many articles have been written about the painting of Łukasz Breitenbach, including: "Sorrow and solace in the painting of Łukasz Breitenbach" by the art historian Justyna Stasiek-Harabin and the interpretation of the painting "The Swing" by Paweł Marciszewski.

After graduation, he started working at the Correctional Facility as an occupational therapist in a closed therapeutic ward for convicted women in Grudziądz.

Łukasz Breitenbach is currently a reporter not only of company life, but also of his own. His sad, depressive world is dominated by dark colors broken with black, but they are not deaf - they are painterly etched. Łukasz creates a minimalist, synthetic world with hope in the background. The light that appears in the paintings gives us hope. Depression, nostalgia are surrounded by a chance that someday it can be at least a little better, that one day it will come out of there, that everyone has a chance for a second life.

Łukasz's painting world is a beauty sought primarily in depression, states of hopelessness on the verge of life and death, it is the digestion of prison visions combined with one's state of experiencing reality. The painter shows two completely different worlds. A man closed in a specific space and free at the same time.

Through his painting, the artist gives us the key to his truthful world.

The artist's paintings are in many private collections in Poland and abroad.


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Oil, Canvas, 81 cm x 65 cm
Oil, Canvas, 81 cm x 65 cm
Landscape, 2019
Oil, Canvas, 70 cm x 80 cm
Oil, Canvas, 65 cm x 73 cm
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