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The artist specialises in easel painting, oil on canvas and oil on panel. He creates portraits, still lifes, landscapes and abstract paintings, referring often to historical figures and events. Tomasz is an author of approx. 300 paintings, appreciated not only in Poland but also in Belgium, Sweden and Australia.

He is a well-recognized imitator, famous for his works of Wojciech Kossak, Leonardo da Vinci, Camille Pissarro – all copies are made in other dimensions than the originals. At the same time he has reached the mastership in large scale painting – some of the pictures are reaching over six square meters.

The most famous painting of the artist is “The Little Battle of Grunwald” (2009). Work (with frame 300 x 140 cm), at a scale of 1:3 to the original Jan Matejko arose for nine years and took more than 30 million brush strokes. The masterpiece was painted with retouching brushes allowing very faithfully recreate all the figures, but still keeping several key differences.
The painting was exhibited in the Museum of Technology, Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw in May 2011 and in Polish Mint during the Night of Museums in the summer of 2012. It was very well received in the Crypt of the Grand Masters in Kwidzyn, in the autumn of 2013.

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