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Art in House Auction House

Art in House is an auction house and art gallery run by art historian Anita Wolszczak-Karasiewicz ( The picture gallery has existed since 2015 and at that time it became the second auction house in Poland in its market segment (according to the ArtInfo study).

Art in House cooperates with several hundred artists who through our agency have already sold over 2,000 of their works on the Polish market and abroad, including to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and the Bahamas.

More popular artists include Rafał Olbiński, Renata Magda, Edward Dwurnik, Wojciech Eyebrow and Krzysztof Ludwin. At our auctions, we offer oil painting, acrylic and sculptures by Polish artists.

In our gallery (permanent offer available at you can find both ambitious painting and decorative paintings for the living room. From the very beginning of our activity, we share with you our knowledge, passion and experience and we care about the highest quality of the offered works.


In addition to the artworks available at the auctions and the online gallery, we offer opportunity to frame paintings, posters, graphics (and other interior design elements, e.g. mirrors) in the frame studio at the address of the auction house.

Properly selected framing can emphasize the unique character of your work and bring to the interior even more unique climate. At Aleje Jerozolimskie 107, you will find a wide selection of frame designs selected to suit the various tastes of our clients, taking into account the different character, age and style of the work of art. An experienced team of people with an appropriate artistic sense can help and advise on choosing the right framing.

We carry out all orders on site with the help of professional binding equipment. For the clients of the auction house, we offer a 10% discount on the binding of works.

We accept orders by phone (+48 510 211 410), by e-mail ( or in person (at the headquarters of the Art in House Auction House at Aleje Jerozolimskie 107 between 9:00 and 18:00).


Anita Wolszczak ( – wealth of passions and interests, art historian, courator, author of press articles and radio broadcast about, specialist in the field of conservation and preservation of ancient/ historical monuments, interior designer, lecturer and guide. Responsible for artistic side of the auctions and contact with the clients. 

Anita Wolszczak`s blog: art historian about art




Art in House has a mission of getting art closer to people who want to get involved in art world and sharing the passion by helping to discover the joy of being in contact with art.


Art in House:

  • responses positively to the art needs of residential properties;
  • builds the relation between artist and client;
  • promotes Polish artists worldwide;
  • responses to needs of people wanting to invest.



  • auctions of paintings and sculpture by young Polish artists;
  • identification of movements within art markets;
  • building and managing collections;
  • bespoke solutions.


Our proposal is addressed to experienced collectors, persons beginning their experience with art and other entities (companies, funds, foundations).




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