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Grzegorz Wróbel

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Grzegorz Wróbel was born in Warsaw in 1983. Here he started his key studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology in 2002. Although he was interested in drawing and painting since he was a child, it was not until his studies that he developed his skills. Then he learned the technique of watercolors and explores its secrets to this day. He decided to transfer his fascination with water paints to others, which he does by teaching drawing at a private school. It is a great satisfaction for him to see that he can teach others such a difficult technique and how it makes them happy. In watercolor, he mainly looks for light and this is what he can "paint" various things. Architecture left a significant mark on his watercolor art. It was she who taught him aesthetics, approach to framing his works and choosing topics. That is why his watercolors contain the most architecture, especially the one he has visited and met. Most of the works are remembered impressions, colors and light from his travels. In this way, he visited Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, ??Prague, Brno, Vienna and Sicily. Very often he creates from nature, and the remaining works are painted from my own photographs. However, he must share his passion for watercolors with architecture, as he is an active architect. However, it often happens that he uses his skills at work and thus can combine both passions, which gives interesting results. He has not yet learned how to combine watercolors with music, which he has been dealing with for several years as a composer, but he believes there will be time for it.


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Watercolour, 76 cm x 41 cm
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